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SPBB Online provides support and management of online social networking media (Social profile accounts, websites, blogs, seo) for any small business or organisation.

In today’s digital age, building a good online and offline reputation is important for any business – regardless of it’s size. We understand the value of staying connected with customers and followers, that is why SPBB Online guides and assists with all aspects of online exposure.

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is mainly based on linking and engaging with various online communities through generated content and conversations. In other words, social media marketing is basically defined by how several online mediums can be used effectively to market a brand, organisation, product, business, generate traffic, build customer relationships, and even increase sales.

Social media is a great online tool for any business to become socially active with customers. By using this form of marketing, a business has the potential of reaching out to countless internet users discussing or searching for a particular service, product or information.

Social media websites are grouped under the following online networks:

Communication – WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Entertainment – World of Warcraft, The Sims Online

Collaboration – Digg, Wikipedia, StumbleUpon

Multimedia – YouTube, Ustream, Flickr


Why Social Media Management?

Having constant online activity and interaction is important. This includes monitoring and responding to discussions about your organisation, products or services. This is especially helpful in responding to any positive or negative feedback, as well as providing promotions & updates.

As part of a successful online campaign, the above will need to be monitored and maintained on a daily basis. This is where SPBB Online can help. We will assist with setting up any social media profile accounts of your choice, including maintaining & updating them. Other services offered are website design & maintenance.

Social media can create and build a platform for networking, exposure, brand and customer awareness.

Are you ready to take the social media lead with us?

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