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It’s very likely that we have all heard about social networking, but what does it mean? Although many individuals have, at some time, participated in some type of online or offline social networking, not everyone can provide a precise description.

Social networking can simply be defined as a gathering of individuals within particular groups or organisations – similar to a neighbourhood or community. This type of gathering is particularly more popular online, where it’s possible to meet with a greater amount of people with similar interests.

Social networking websites bring together an online community of internet users who tend to share a collective form of interests and hobbies, from music or art, to religion or politics. Such websites tend to include user profiles as a way of contacting and communicating with friends or other members.

Although a number of social networking sites are geared towards certain interests, some have what is called an ‘open membership’. These are traditional social networking websites that allow individuals to join regardless of their views, beliefs or hobbies.

There are quite a few benefits to online social networking. For instance, the internet provides access to people from around the world, giving an individual the ability to connect with, and build relationships with others who live in different countries. This brings a great amount of diversity especially when it comes to learning about new cultures and events, or news within other countries.

A great example of the power of social networking would be how it is currently used as the favoured form of communication during emergencies. For instance, in the unfortunate disaster in Japan caused by an earthquake and tsunami, major avenues of communication were shut down but there was still active communication within online social websites like Facebook and Twitter. The messages on these social platforms provided constant information on the event, including connections with family members or friends.



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